Airbrushes are used to spray paint a wide variety of materials and products. They are popular among scale modeling enthusiasts to apply finer coats of paint and opaque effects such as weathering and stains.

The skills of an automotive airbrush artist can transform a boring steel or fiberglass vehicle into an awesome work of art. They are also used to create personalised footy or work team hard hats.

Auto Body

Airbrushing on cars is a great way to add value, personalization and a show of pride in your vehicle. It is also a very durable finish that will stand up to the elements. While shows like TLC’s ‘Rides’ make it seem easy to get an amazing look, it takes time and skill to create professional automotive artwork.

To start, the surface must be prepared. This includes using the right degreaser for the paint type used (water-based for automotive water-based paint like Createx Wicked and solvent for automotive solvent-based paint such as Custom Creative 700) as well as preparing the surface for spraying.

Once the painting is complete a clear coat is applied to protect and smooth the design. Depending on the design and color chosen, the clear coat can be satin or matte in finish. Then it’s ready to hit the road! Whether you have an old beater or the latest model, an airbrushed design on your car can give it a fresh new look and show off your passion for your ride.


Airbrushing T shirts and hats has become very popular with people wanting to customize their own t shirts, hats, or other items that can be painted. Many local T-Shirt shops offer this service to customers as a way of making extra income.

The process involves spraying a stencil or an image onto the t shirt using an airbrush. Usually a siphon feed airbrush is used since it handles the high viscosity textile paints (Createx Wicked Colors) very well. The paint is then heat set in place which makes the design wash proof and last for the life of the garment.

The stencil used to airbrush the t shirt is made from something called Pennant felt which is fairly cheap and easy to use. It is much easier than using card board, plastic or x-ray film which will get messy from excess paint. The T Shirt is then put on a shirt board which helps to separate the front and back of the shirt so it doesn’t get paint on the opposite side.

Street Art

Airbrushing is an artistic technique that uses a compressed air tool called an airbrush to spray various media such as inks, dyes or paints on most any surface. The process can be difficult to master, but artists pursue this art because it offers incredible realism in the final work. It can be used on canvas paintings, murals, automobiles, t-shirts and more. It can also be used to decorate food using food-safe dyes and paints.

Essentially, an airbrush is a small handheld sprayer with a trigger that when pressed allows the user to control the flow of both paint and air. There are a few different types of airbrushes, but the most common is the double-action model.

These are ideal for community events, family fun days or workplace team building. Participants can use stencils provided or have a go at freehand airbrushing. Each participant will have 10 – 15 minutes to complete their new artwork.

Nail Art

Custom airbrushing is a great way to bring custom nail art to life. The initial investment in a good airbrush system will set you back about $300 to $400 including a gun, compressor, cleaner and cleaning supplies and paint, but it will pay off quickly when used regularly in your salon.

LA VIE technicians can hand-paint delicate flowers, affix nail decals or airbrush elaborate patterns on fingernails and toenails for clients. From gilded sparkles to holiday designs, you can create anything from simple one-off designs on a single fingernail to a full set on each hand.

The beauty of nail art with an airbrush is that the design is dry upon contact. That is a major advantage over traditional polish, which must be allowed to completely dry before nail art is added on top of it. It also makes it a very popular service during mani-pedis for clients who want a unique, eye-catching look.